MB&F M.A.D. Gallery exhibits the ‘Viva la Robolucion’

Aug 19, 2015

Home to MB&F’s horological and legacy machines, the famed M.A.D. Gallery showcases the upcycled, retro-futuristic luminous robots of Parisian artist, +Brauer

Located in Rue Verdaine, a stone’s throw away from the MB&F office in Geneva, the popular M.A.D. Gallery is renowned for featuring carefully curated pieces of mechanical art that are created by talented artisians. The gallery has presented a number of captivating exhibitions including the recently held ‘Viva la Robolucion’ by artist Bruno Lefèvre-Brauer, commonly known as +Brauer.

Almost a decade ago, +Brauer created his first robotic sculpture in his Parisian workshop and adopted an art form called ‘upcycling’ which is a remarkable concept that allows materials to be saved, reused and reclaimed. This art form allowed +Brauer to provide a second lease of life to the discarded material after its primary use had expired. As a result, his ‘upcycled’ luminous sculptures drew curious art aficionados to the fascinating thought of providing value to something that has no longer use.

At the exhibition ‘Viva la Robolucion’, +Brauer presented fourteen robotic sculptures,which were created as prime examples of his upcycled artistic ethos. This art exhibit was held as a result of +Brauer’s poetic resistance to overconsumption by the global population. Marked by time and use, the pre-loved materials stand as an eye-catching ‘skin’ that the robots proudly highlight.

Each robot boasts unique characters and names such as Stanislas, Ernest, Konstantin, Wast-E, Cosmos 2001, Olga, Bambino, Balthazar, Preolor, Black Foot, Leon, Commodor, Hector and Romeo, majority of which were created exclusively for the MB&F M.A.D. Gallery.