Palmiero jewellery continues to pay homage to Nature

Apr 01, 2012
Palmiero jewellery collection - PAVEMENT
Palmiero jewellery collection - PAVEMENT
The new Palmiero collection is extremely elegant and refined. It looks at animals with new eyes. The animals play with the plant kingdom, which is clearly rich of colours and precious stones. This is what is called New Era. So we have a series of refined decorations arranged in complex geometric patterns and based on rich embroideries featuring stylized shapes. Only a few pieces of each model are made and each one varies in the combination of stones that are always different and incomparable.
PAVEMENT: The unique Palmiero pavé dresses the special shapes of this Collection and celebrates the particular surface of the ancient cobbled streets of Rome. It’s a piece of history to wear.
CAMALEONTE: Chameleon ... It’s an explosion of shades. In ancient times, the chameleon was compared to the miniature of a lion which represents strength and power thanks to its adaptability.
PASSIONE: Red is the color of Passion ... Large flat rubies become the perfect surface for drawing on an abstract concept as the feeling itself.
GOMITOLO: Energy flows on crossed surfaces that are completely set with coloured diamonds that give life to an elaborate shape that reveals the high ability of master goldsmiths.
ONDA: The sea has always been a great source of inspiration for artists. The Palmiero wave embodies the vitality of colour, from deep blue till white, and the majesty of its energy.
CONFINI: In this collection the traditional white diamonds pavé meets an expanse of colorful stones asymmetrically set, going along with the thin and undulating border.
DRAGO: 2012 is the Chinese Year of the Dragon, dedicated to this legendary and mythical creature whose meaning varies from culture to culture. The dragon is also bearer of great knowledge.
COCCODRILLO: Palmiero portrays all the majesty of the crocodile and characterizes it with shades of diamonds that mime reality.
FINESTRE: Windows are the eyes of the cities. They offer a personal view into the souls of the houses, revealing stories. 
L’ELEFANTINO: Other than a bearer of good fortune, knowledge, will and longevity he has always been considered also a symbol of patience and endurance. In the myth his legs are the pillars on which stands the world, the trunk symbolizes fertility and the big ears wisdom.
L’ORSACCHIOTTO: The bear represents the primitive force, the self-preservation and the wisdom. Who wears this symbol has a strong physicality; he is introspective and needs physical contact very much.
IL PINGUINO: Many people are attracted and touched by the shaky and uncertain step of the penguin, which makes him funny. He explores with the utmost mastery the realms of land and water. 
IL RICCIO: This little creature teaches the gift of humility and innocence. He is a nocturnal
animal, shy, gentle, very curious, equipped with large memory and able to interact with humans.
IL PAVONE: Here is an elegant peacock, with an incomparable style. He is symbol of beauty; everything about him becomes a graphic sign, natural architecture, design. 
IL SERPENTE: The snake has long been associated with wisdom, reincarnation and cunning. Bound to instinctual energy he is a symbol of life, abundance, rebirth, transformation and death.

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