Bvlgari strikes with Serpenti Viper

Bvlgari, in 2017, has let loose the striking Serpenti Viper, a dangerously beautiful new band ring collection. Since ancient Rome, the stunning viper has enjoyed a sacred notoriety, as the symbol of immortality, strength, and seduction. Inspired by such legends, the Serpenti Viper celebrates the powerful snake, capturing the viper’s sensuality and colour, in a precious new species of Bvlgari jewellery.

Serpentine evolution

Created in the 1940s, Bvlgari’s first Serpenti jewel was a snake watch that coiled the wrist while keeping time in its jaws. Since then, the Serpenti has been rebirthed in yearly gemstone reinterpretations of itself, a continual renewal of its precious serpentine skin. Evolving every year, in 2016, the Serpenti design captured the hypnotic magnetism of a snake’s eyes: the intense gaze of a serpent – or of a beautiful woman – can hold a power as incomparable as it is unconquerable. For 2017, Bvlgari has ensnared the dangerous sensuality of the viper snake, reinterpreting its intensity into precious band rings that strike at the heart of the Bvlgari woman.

From the delicacy of a flower to the danger of a snake, nature nourishes all life, even as it also births all jewels. Shaped into artistic forms by the genius of the Roman jeweller, Bvlgari’s inspirations are skilfully sculpted to convey the energy, movement, and iridescence of the natural world. Under the spell of the snake, every Serpenti charms with Bvlgari’s iconic trademarks: flexible wearability, the juxtaposition of materials, avant-garde techniques, and the hypnotic brilliance of colour.

Capturing the viper

A master of disguise, the viper is known for camouflaging into its environment as it awaits its prey. Often rendering itself invisible within the flora of its habitat, a viper’s colours can all too often be admired only after it has already struck.

The viper is somehow enchanting in its venomous beauty, even beloved for its unapologetic danger. The viper, curled around itself when camouflaged, becomes a treasured circle like the Viper ring. The Viper ring celebrates the duality of multiple emotions facets, the combining of gem colours and materials, and the complexity of a woman. Shining hard stones nestle next to glittering diamonds; juxtaposing jewels for the sake of their beautiful pairing, the Bvlgari design reveals itself as bold, beautiful, colourful, and extraordinary – and entirely Roman.

Hissing with Italian creativity, the seductive Serpenti Viper ensnares the savage side of BVLGARI’s spirit animal, creating a colourful collection of rings meant to strike at the heart of woman.

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